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CUBE Four Resting Begins

Customer Needs

Customer needs identification will be offered as the first step of our service upon clientʼs initial request. We respect every customer, listen and learns their specific needs or goals to co-create a productive workspace solution for them.

Diagnose & Solution

After needs identified, we provide product and service solution to meet or exceed those requirements, including product solution, space layout solution, and most of all knowledge behind of those how to use and what benefits.

Order & Production

After solution confirmed and contract sign-off, order fulfillment and production takes place immediately, with high level quality control, sustainable process, and strict lead time management.

Delivery and Installation

Our professional logistic and Installation team, will ensure on-time delivery and proper installation on site, to make your workspace plug and play as expected at first place.

Service & Maintenance

Our warranty system and claim system will be there 24/7 to guarantee worry- free use for every customer, regular maintenance and site visit enhances value of use.

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GROUP HEADQUARTERS Group headquarters
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    86 21 6393 2688

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    Loft A5, DaNing Central Square, No.700 Wanrong Rd,Shanghai

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