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Strategic Partner of Novah in Great China

Alea is an Italian contract furniture manufacturing company established in 1973. We are Italian industrial artisans who design and build a wide range of contract furniture offerings: benching, desking, European systems, complete custom capability, conference rooms, training tables, coffee tables, storage and receptions.


Strategic Partner of Novah in Great China

We believe getting comfortable is the best way to do important things. Continuous research, ergonomics of shapes, cutting-edge design and original technological solutions to create wellness spaces. Our goal is to give you seats for the office and the community able to stand out and improve the use of space, generating new vital dimensions.


Strategic Partner of Novah in Great China

BuzziSpace is relentless in its pursuit of bettering the world through design. It started with acoustics. From there, the mission grew. Driven by an unbounded passion for solving modern design challenges, BuzziSpace continuously re-imagines furnishings to be more functional and more fun. The brand provides new ways of working, living and being sustainable.


Strategic Partner of Novah in Great China

Four Design develops furniture concepts for current and future generation. Our furniture is characterized by superb functionalism and a simple, minimalistic design with an international appeal. We conceptualize ideas that reflect our values and create a common thread throughout our collection. Our products are developed to encourage interaction between people and to create harmony in the interiors, no matter where they are being used.

Royal Ahrend

Strategic Partner of Novah in Great China

Ahrend is an international leader in office furniture committed to delivering contemporary and highly sustainable office lifestyles to corporate end-users around the world. Products and interiors are designed to encourage the wellbeing and productivity of the people.


Strategic Partner of Novah in Great China

Gabriel dates back all the way to 1851, as Gabriel was then called, was established. Gabriel has not grown from a cottage industry or one man’s good ideas and enterprise as so many other Danish companies have done. Kj?rs M?lle was a planned company, founded by three men with the clear goal of creating a sustainable production of clothing fabrics at some place in Denmark. Gabriel has since become a more professional and global company with a field of action throughout most of the world.

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